Spa Packages

New Age Laser provides the Newest technology LASER HAIR Removal. 

We offer Unlimited laser hair removal  plus 50% OFF

We offer The latest technology.

We use an ultra high power diode and Nd: Yag, lasers.  Our newest, most advanced technology beats all other laser machines on the current market. Our Hair Removal Treatments are very safe, efficient and virtually painless. There are also no side effects and no downtime required. No more Ingrown hairs, shaving rash, razor bumps, stubble, irritated pores and razor acne are all eliminated and never an issue again.

Unlimited Laser Hair Removal Packages for 1 year
Unibrow special – $89
Upper Lip – $99
Small Areas – $179 ( Chin, side burns, hands, feet, areola and belly button line)
Medium Areas – $229 (front or back of neck, bikini line, underarms)
Large Areas– $499 (1/2 arms (male),full arms (female), full face, shoulders, buttocks, Brazilian, chest, abdomen, upper back, lower back, lower legs)
Extra Large Areas – $999 (full arms with shoulders, full back , full legs)
Full Body laser – $500 per session
Full Body – $ 2800 per 8 treatments
Skin Tightening:
Face or Neck area -$199 –
Stomach or other large areas -$250

Fat & Cellulite reduction Therapy

Body HotSculpting:

Body Area – $600 per treatment

Package of 4 sessions  – $2100

Laser Peels: $250-$350 per treatment area

Gynecology procedures

Incontinence Therapy\Incontilase – $2500 for 2 treatments

Intimalase – Vaginal Tightening Therapy – $1500 for 2 Treatments

Laser Lip Enlargement, Lip Rejuvenation – $350 single Treatment,  or $600 for package of 3