Body Treatments

Slimming, Detox Body Wrap Treatments

Guaranteed to lose 6 inches or you don’t pay!

And it stays off for at least a month.

New Age Medical Spa body treatments were created with a deep appreciation of the influences the elements have on wellbeing and health. These treatments reflex and restore while balancing the body mind, and spirit.

Our highly trained therapist will tailor your body treatment to your skin’s needs for a relaxing and pampering experience with ultimate result.

Mineral European Body Wrap
Exfoliation and Treatment Body Wrap
This unique mineral formula has been in use for 30 years.
Enjoy delightfully smooth, polished skin by treating yourself to this great body service. This unique wrap is rich in stimulating minerals that improve circulation and leaves your skin smooth and invigorated. In this treatment, excess dry, rough skin cells are gentle exfoliated producing a healthy overall glow you will love.
Price: $199 special


Aloe Vera Collagen Wrap Formula
This wrap is designed to relax, rejuvenate, restore. Deeply cleanse and detoxify your body, leaves your skin soft, smooth and invigorated.
Price: $149

New Age Slim & Detox Wrap
This unique detoxify, thermal wrap purges stagnant lymphatic fluids and aids in combustion of fat cells. Tightens the body cells, taking 6 inches off in one wrap treatment.

Single Wrap
Series of three Wraps
Series of four Wraps